• Mrs. Arti Ashokrao Dive I/c Principal B. K. Mercantile Bank Law College, Palanpur


Equality, Law, Discrimination, Rights


The goal of this study is to determine what the general principle of "right to equality" entails. The term "Right to Equality" requires no explanation because its meaning is self-evident, and it is one of our basic rights. However, there are some secret elements that need to be explained, and this research effort focuses on such points and exceptions that are permitted by our Indian constitution. It's also useful to understand why discrimination is tolerated under Indian law. Article 14 of Indian law guarantees the right to equality. It is one of the basic rights. It ensures that everyone has the right to equality before the law and equal protection under the law. It is not only an Indian citizen's right, but also a non-right. citizen's “The state shall of India,” reads article 14. No one is above the law, according to article 14. In the eyes of the law, everyone is equal


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