Anil Kumar, Bhupender Singh


In the most successful of industry, customers play an important role as the backbone for his successes. For the progress and establishment of an industry is completely depending on customers and its satisfaction. As we all know that a lot of competitors in the market who manufacture the same product but of varying cost. Not only carrying the cost they also add some features to improve the quality of the product. This Research deals with the importance of customer satisfaction automobile service industries and also presented a review on customer satisfaction, service quality and factors which affect customer satisfaction in Automobile service industries. This study, in particular, showed the potentiality of graph theory and matrix approach for the analysis, evaluation, selection and optimization of service related factors and processes.

In this study, a universal methodology addressed by various researchers was explained in detail and a summary of graph theory and matrix approach applications in various fields of engineering was also shown in different graphs.


customer satisfaction, Automobile service industries, Graph theory and matrix approach.

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