• Pravin Chavan BE[Computer], GSMoze College of Engineering, Pune-411045.
  • Sagar Kokare BE[Computer], GSMoze College of Engineering, Pune-411045.
  • Srinivas Dharawath Prof.[Computer], GSMoze College of Engineering, Pune-411045.


Cloud Computing, Dynamic Resource Allocation, Servers, Virtualization Technology, VM placement


Cloud Computing is one of the emerging areas in the various fields related to computer science and can be exercised for on demand dynamic resource allocation for providing reliable and guaranteed services to the consumer. Cloud systems are ‘on demand’ as they offer a way of providing required resources to consumers as and when they need it. It is pay-as-you-use manner service. In Cloud systems, a pool of resources is shared by several users. So making these resources available in most optimal way is a challenging task. Cloud computing provides opportunity to dynamically scale the computing resources for applications. These resources are shared among customers using virtualization technology. Using these resources efficiently is an open challenge. Since, cloud computing consists of large number of resources, testing application and resource policies on cloud computing environment may be time consuming and difficult. To ease the problem of modeling and testing policies, we use Virtual Machine, for cloud computing environment.


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