Hardi Thakor, Chandrashekhar Dubey


Social media has become a vital part of people’s life. Due to this, it generates a large amount of data that need to be processed and analyze. Some technologies were not able to handle large volume of data with storage and processing of data thus big data concept comes and handle with large data. So, there should be some mechanisms which classify unstructured data into organized form which helps user to easily access required data. Classification techniques over big data provide required data to the users from large datasets more simple way. Thus handle large amount of data used to Hadoop framework. In order to adapt these techniques for classifying Twitter data into different categories and predict the class from the unknown data. A number of issues and challenges need to be addressed, which are put forward in this paper.


Big Data, Data Mining, Classification Algorithm, Hadoop, MapReduce.

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Twitter: https://about.twitter.com/company

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