Krunal Vaghamshi, Ankush Dhanai


Remarkable advancement in field of science and technology. As the celerity of machinery has incremented, vibrations withal incremented. Machines transmit vibrations to the structure fortifying them. It is consequential to design and develop such structure which sustains the vibrations of machinery. In just beginning countries like India, vibration quandaries from industrial assets have been drawing attention of machine manufacturer and engineers since decades, world over to find ways and mean to have desired copacetic Performance of machines and to minimize failures. The vibration may engender quandary of resonance in structure and there by damage the structure. This necessitated a research in the area of dynamics of machine substructure. Frequency increased than its vibration is increasing so it’s very harmful effect of foundation. More effective foundation development necessitated for higher capacity machine. This research aims to study the dynamic behaviour of a foundations structure for rotary machine subjected to forces due to operation of machine and performance of foundations.


Machine foundation, Rotary machine, Dynamic analysis, Vibration, Displacement, Modes, Frequency

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