Dr. Ch. Sonia Devi


Lifelong learning is a key to individual and social development in the 21st century. The concept of lifelong learning will give the adult learner a way to upgrade their skills and also to make competent in the globalised world through lifelong learning. The New Education Policy in India (1986) held up Lifelong Education as the cherished goal of the education process which presupposes universal literacy, provision of opportunities for youth, critical development and continuous up-gradation of skills to develop manpower resources required for the country. Therefore, the skill and knowledge are the driving force of economic growth and social development for any country. The aim of skill development in the country is to support achieving rapid and inclusive growth through- enhancing individuals’ employability, improving productivity, strengthening competitiveness and attracting investment in skill development. Keeping this in view, the present paper focus on the needs and importance of skill up-gradation through lifelong learning, the programme has been taken up by the three agencies in Manipur since 1953-54.Objectives: To examine the importance of skill up-gradation to the adult learner. Method: The present study adopted a normative survey method. Results: The results indicated that majority of the adult learner feel that skill development programme is very effective to improve their knowledge as well as their economic and social condition.    


Lifelong, learning, skill development, adult learner.

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