Naveen Kumar Vaishnav, Dr. Sirigiri Pavani, Dr. Neelam Sahu


For any nation, education and research is an important factor in development of a country and society. Education is must for everyone for his/her social, mental and overall development. In this process also our government is operating many campaigns for better education to every child of a nation. So in any education institute, teachers are the main functioning body and results of students are affected by the performance of teachers. So now days it is major problem to select best teacher for any institute, today in this 21st century of digital and competitive world apart from good academic record and experience teachers should also well resourceful and versatile to students, so ranking and selection of teachers on the basis of qualitative data is always contradicted and difficult. The objective of this paper is to apply Fuzzy Analytical hierarchical process and its various methods to determine the important criteria or parameter for teacher’s ranking and then give ranking to teachers using various methods. The real numerical finding results have also been demonstrated. In this paper it is shown that Fuzzy Analytical hierarchical process is capable to smoothly handle the fuzziness of data involved in qualitative criteria of teachers.


Fuzzy AHP, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Teachers’ Selection and ranking

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