Ms Bhagya Sri Ray, Mrs. Hepsi Natha, Mr. Nageshwar V.


BACKGROUND :  This Study gives a direction for application of alternative therapy in management of pain among post operative hospitalized patient (Brenna, Carr and Cousins 2007). Despite the pain medications and anesthetics techniques available, the prevalence of postoperative pain is still high. The prevalence of acute postoperative pain is 80% ( Chen, and Mehta, 2003). In foot reflexology, pain modulation is based on Gate Control Theory. The foot as a part of the body, is used to modulate the pain. Each foot contains more than 7000 nerve endings (Bright,2001) and many studies support that foot reflexology acts help to decrease intensity of pain and anxiety. Reflexology is effective in improving muscle comfort by  enhancing blood flow which stimulates parasympathetic nervous system and  foot reflexology is a non pharmacological method for maintaining respiration, pulse, blood pressure and manage pain ( Hassani, S., Hassani, k. 2015).

OBJECTIVE:  To Assess the effectiveness of foot reflexology on pain and anxiety after surgery.

METHOD : Keyword searches of PubMed, EBSCO online search of database.

RESULT: Postoperative pain is caused by tissue damage that induces release of chemical mediators from the surgical wound. Foot reflexology is used as an complementary therapy for pain management and anxiety among post operative patients.

CONCLUSION: Foot reflexology is an effective complementary therapy used for pain and anxiety management in post operative patients.


Foot reflexology, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG), Foot massage, abdominal surgery.

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