Ms. Mini Patiyal, Mrs. Ranju V., Dr. Nageshwar V.


This review gives the useful results for the attitude of nurses towards self harming clients and present various factors that affect the attitude of nurses for self harming clients like work pressure, previous experience and any specialized training. The main aim of the study is to explore the attitude of nurses towards self harming clients. Method: The initial workout starts with the qualitative research review literature. The qualitative studies are suitable to explore the attitude of nurses towards self harming clients. A literature review was completed in which search done from PubMed, EBSCO, DELNET etc., using key words such as self-harm, experience, attitude of nurses. Those were focusing from 2000-2016 in which around 40 published articles investigating the experiences of nurses while caring for self harming clients. From these articles, 8 articles are selected which are included in the narrative review. The studies review found and narrative review was prepared. The results: The review identified the degree of attitude among nurses for self harmed clients. Mostly the nurses who had specific training in dealing with self harming clients have a positive attitude towards self harming clients then who don’t have. This attitude is influenced by knowledge and years of experience with self harmed clients. Conclusion: Attitude of the nurses towards self harming is variable and it completely depends upon on the factors, e.g. knowledge, specialized training, years of experience with these clients, work pressure. So all nurses need specific training to deal with these clients, so that they will be competent while these clients.


self harm, deliberate self harm, attitude of nurses, qualitative study.

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