• Dr. Sorabh Trikha Assistant Professor BPR College, Kurukshetra


Eye hand coordination, Explosive Power of Legs and Shoulder Strength, College Students


The purpose of this paper is to explore the physical fitness condition of college students. For the collection of data, we choose male college sportsmen and non sportsmen. All sportsmen were selected from B.PED& Sportsmen and non sportsmen who were studying in B.COM classes. The main motive of collection the data to see the difference in eye hand coordination, explosive power of legs and shoulder strength between both group. We used Barrow  General Motor Abilities test battery and selected three test items for collection of data i.e. Wall Pass test, Standing Broad Jump test and shotput test. However, in physical fitness in both groups were slightly differ from each other.  The result showed that very little difference seen in term of Wall Pass, Standing Broad Jump and shotput test.


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