• Asefa Abahumna Woldetsadik Associate Professor, School of Social Science & Liberal Arts, Adama Science & Technology University (ASTU) Adama, Ethiopia.


government Schools, Private School, Managerial aspects, Facilities / Physical Infrastructures and Adama City Administration


This study intended to look at the managerial approaches as well as suitability of learning resources and schools’ physical infrastructures in Adama City Administration. It investigated how the directors, teachers, and student’s parents perceived the academic performances of government and private primary schools. Mean, S, D, and t-.test were used to determine the differences of the two establishments of the primary schools. A total of 155 papers were distributed to randomly selected Primary school Directors, Teachers, and Students’ Parents involved in school management activities. 120 questionnaires were filled by those randomly selected respondents and returned. Of the total, 10 Directors, 80 Teachers, and 30 Students’ Parents   filled the questionnaires. This study used two major categories of measures – Managerial aspects and physical facilities to compare private and government schools. Independent sample t test was used to measure the extent of differences between the two measures.  Further significant differences were revealed in the way parents, teachers and directors perceive the quality of education.


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