• Patricia Chaves de Oliveira Universidade Federal do Oeste Do Pará- UFOPA, Biodiversity and Forest Institute


The objective of this work was describe the technological extension projects characterized by introduction of new agro-technologies in an integrated way (university-farmers) in the context of agriculture and fishing family systems in floodplains environments. The methodology characterized for interdisciplinary and participate research on Peruvian and Brazilian flooding forests with traditional communities on Amazon biome. The results showed an increase of agro technological level in both communities on Brazil and Peru and consequently, better economy. The conclusions show that a perspective beyond the social, economic and environmental aspects should characterize thinking environment in the Brazilian Amazon of the 21st century. Introduce the agro-technology-empowerment binomial as a bioindicador and therefore transformation’s instrument, modernization and inclusion of Amazonian communities in scenarios of solidarity economy, is to value productive evolution of these peoples, creating harmonic scenarios between environment and rural societies.


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