• Sajad Ahmad Malik Research Scholar Barkatullah University Bhopal (M.P)
  • S. A. Shaffi Regional Institute of Education (NCERT) Bhopal (M.P)


Adolescence, Psychological Counselling needs, Kashmir


In the journey of human life, Adolescence period has a special significance because this period marks multi developmental changes in an individual. In the very period a person tries to develop his identity in order to overcome the problems and challenges that he faces at this stage. It is a constructive stage in human life and demands adjustment at every front. Here a person is not enough mature to adjust to these sudden changes and is always in need of someone who will help him in this risky period of life. The present investigation was directed towards identifying the counselling needs of adolescents of Kashmir. Chowhan and Aurora’s psychological counselling Needs Scale was administered on a sample of 300 adolescents (male=150, female=150). In order to analysis of collected data; Mean, SD and t-test were applied. The findings of the study indicated that adolescents are in high need of psychological counselling. It was also found that there is a significant difference between these two samples, which means that girls are in high need of psychological counselling needs as compared to boys.


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