• Prathamesh Phuke ME Student Department of Computer Engineering Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Pune, India.
  • Suresh Rathod Assistant Professor Department of Computer Engineeing Sinhgad Academy of Engineering Pune, India


Social network influence, adaptive seeding, influence maximization, social networks


The live of unfold of information is unrelentingly expanded in online social organizations, as an example, Facebook and Twitter. To utilize online social organizations as a promoting stage, there are many examinations on the simplest way to utilize the proliferation of impact for viral advertising. one amongst the exploration problems is influence maximization (IMAX), that plans to get k seed clients to amplify the unfold of impact among clients in social organizations. during this project our contribution is to indicate the ad of products in step with the age of user consequently. it's over up being a NP-hard issue by Kempe et al. Since they planned an avaricious calculation for the difficulty, various analysts have planned totally different heuristic routines.


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