• Dr. A. B. Patil Assistant Professor, D.A.B.N. NaikCollege, Chikhali, Tal-Shirala.Dist-Sangli.


Soil, fertility, micronutrients


Analysis of soil quality from Shirala area of Sangli District. Black soil Concern study is to determine the quality of soil in ShiralaTahasil In village Wadibhagai. Thus about numbers of samples from area were examined to assess the soil properties as well as for obtaining the information about soil quality, evaluation of fertilizer status, indigogenous soil fertility. To understand fertility of soil, it is necessary to carry out analysis. The different parameter was observed. This observed properties before & after sparing of spent wash all properties was increases and both of these properties was compared standard limiting values and improved amount was compared again standard   limiting value.  This data mentioned into this paper [7].


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