• Md Israfil Assistant Professor in Sanskrit, Kalna College, Purba, Burdwan, West Bengal, India




As we know that, the study of Vedas and understanding its meaning is a vast and complex process. Basically, the main reason for this complexity is the deviation of understanding the meaning of the ancient language. This is why Wiseman gives instructions to study of the Vedas along with the six Vedangas and Purans. There is no denying that as a result of this indication, the study of Vedas has been restricted to one area. In modern times, the poetic forms of various Suktam of the Vedas, Social Consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness, World Consciousness, and Environmental Awareness became the focus of discussion. Today, in the world there are many countries always active in protecting the balance of the environment. Although there was hardly any environmental thought during the Vedic period. Then people were not aware of the environment? In the answer of such question, it can be said that the people of Vedic period did not do anything to pollute the environment. It is also said that they did not think about the environment separately, accepted the environment as a part of their life. As a result, there is no question of environmental pollution. In this regard, it is not right to say that in the Vedic period, people were vigilant about environmental awareness, because they used to live and earn their living in the natural environment and they unconsciously valued and always protected the environment. In the Vedic literature such environmental suktams are, Bristisuktam, Nadisuktam, Vaksuktam and one of the main suktam is Prithivisuktam or Bhumisuktam.


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