• Smolović Valentina Mr-PhD student, High Court, Podgorica, Montenegro - 81000.
  • Drašković Milan FullProfessor, Higher School of Professional Business Studies Čačak, Belgrad, Serbia - 11000.


Female Crime, quantitative analysis, punitive reaction, preventive reaction, corrective reaction, treatment


Female crime, is a negative social phenomenon with a tendency of continual growth in Montenegro, but nevertheless due to the low rate of female crime (7.3% of convicted women) in relation to the male crime  (92.7% of convicted men) there is very little empirical research on female crime in Montenegro. The purpose of the research in this study is to obtain information on the extent, dynamics and structure of reported, accused and convicted adult women in Montenegro in the period from 2001 to 2014. Special emphasis is given to the research of crime of convicted adult women who were serving and are serving a prison sentence in the Institute for execution of criminal sanctions-ZIKS in Podgorica in the given period. With the use of qualitative methods on a representative sample (126 prisoners), relevant information has been obtained based on which responsible persons in ZIKS, define preventive measures and appropriate programs of educational corrective treatment in accordance with the standards of the European Union, with the aim of re-education and re-socialization of convicts during  the period of imprisonment.


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