• Dr. Yog Raj Assistant Professor Public Administration GDC Banjar


Moral Values, Ethical, Impact, Sociological


This paper deals with the intricate relationship between ethics and morality. Moral values, serving as guiding principles derived from cultural, religious, and philosophical sources, contribute to the ethical foundation of decision-making. They are often shaped by cultural, religious, and philosophical influences, and they provide a framework for making ethical decisions. Ethics, in turn, shape the conduct of individuals and institutions, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and progress. The symbiotic interplay between moral values and ethics often steers the trajectory of development, be it at the societal, economic, or personal level.

This research paper examines the integral connection between morality and ethics. It delves into the ways in which moral values are developed, their impact on various aspects of human development and the reciprocal relationship between individual development and the collective cultivation of the moral values. Through a comprehensive exploration of psychological, sociological and philosophical perspective, this paper aims to highlight the significance of moral values in shaping our lives.


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