• Satyam Agrawal Bachelor in Foreign Trade


Social Media, Consumers, Online Purchases, Reasons, Types of products, Impact, Addicts, Decision-making process, Psychographic variables, Exploration


Social Media have given an abundance of openings to consumers in adjusting to different aspects of life. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have played significant places in expanding consumers' online purchases. This paper aims to understand which consumers are substantially told by online purchasing, the reasons that tempt consumers to buy online, types of products that are substantially bought using social media and types of social media that are substantially used by consumers.

To achieve these objectives, I conducted the exploration to research the impact of Social Media spots on addicts changing actions who aim to buy online.

This paper will offer an overview of how consumers use social media in the stages of decision- making process and the psychographic variables that impact their actions. An inspection of 100 consumers named aimlessly was conducted, to find out to what extent they're impacted by the use of social media, and what part it plays in their decision-making process.


 Literature

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 Electronic Sources

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