• Jyoti Babulal Thakkar Assistant Professor, R R Mehta College of Science and C L Parikh College of Commerce, Palanpur


Mutual Funds, Investors, Perception, Ahmedabad


Mutual fund investing is especially ideal for middle-class investors since it gives them the chance to invest in a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of assets at a cheap cost. The opinions and attitudes of investors have a significant impact on the interest in and engagement in the mutual fund sector. Therefore, the main goal of this study is to examine how investors perceive mutual funds and to pinpoint the variables that influence their decision to invest in mutual funds. The study specifically tries to comprehend how low-income investors in Ahmedabad perceive their interest in the mutual fund sector. The study uses a random selection method to choose 100 participants, and then analyses the data using straightforward statistical tools. The results of this study show that most investors have a favourable attitude towards investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are prioritised by investors due to the security they provide, and they rely on data obtained from industry professionals when making investment selections. Investors often choose growth, income, and equity funds from the range of possibilities offered by the mutual fund sector.


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