• Aditya Tallapally Technology Executive, USA
  • Spandan Chandra Student, John P Stevens High School, Edison, NJ, USA
  • Kavitha Tatikonda Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur, USA


Generative AI, Telemedicine, Image Processing, Treatment Development


Generative AI has taken the world by storm in recent years, revolutionizing and automating tasks in an unprecedented manner. This study aims to create a greater understanding of how generative AI can be used to enhance the medical field, specifically telemedicine, and help doctors from around the world perform their jobs more efficiently and accurately. Generative AI has many uses, including being used to perform image processing and treatment development for patients. The model’s ability to thoroughly understand thousands of previous historical documents and data allows for it to be exact when making treatment plans and other essential features for patients. The advent of generative AI can help the telemedicine world in more ways than one and expand the medical world’s horizons greatly.


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