• Dr(Brig) A P Pandit.MD (HA)DNB(H&HA) Prof, Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune-411004
  • Ms Meenal Kulkarni MBA(HA) PhD Scholar Asst Professor, Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune-411004
  • Mr.AdityaKamthe MBA(HHM), Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune-411004


Isa shortcoming, fault, or imperfection also alack or want, especially of something essential to perfection or completeness., Defects in OPD process are the issues arising in the process leading to inefficiency in providing complete satisfaction to patients., Defects from equipment, manpower, logistics or process itself hamper the overall process thus affecting patient care delivery.


Outpatient service is the most important service provided by all the hospitals as it is the point of contact between a hospi­tal and the community. Many patients gain their first impression of the hos­pital from the OPD and thus is also called as the shop window1. Apart from the quality of staff, equipment, the main feelings and image carried by patients about hospital mainly depends on human aspect and the con­cern, sympathy and understanding shown by hospital staff. Ensuring efficient and safe patient flow through the hospital system is a consistent problem in healthcare settings 2. As demand and patient complexity increases, inefficiencies and defects in health care delivery can cause hospital overcrowdings and service delay. Defects in the OPD process reflects the overall performance of the hospital management. A well-managed, neat and clean hospital with necessary information boards and proper directions generally provide good image. Successful and efficient man­agement of OPD can lighten the burden on the outpatient wards. Recommending solutions for reduction of the defects to improve patient care delivery 3.


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