• Dr. Jyotikaben Manubhai Bamania Pg Scholar First Year (Prasuti and Stree Rog), Shree Swaminarayan Ayurvedic College, Kalol
  • Dr. Jmunadevi Chadramouli Shree Swaminarayan Ayurvedic College, Kalol
  • Dr. Sindhura SVL Shree Swaminarayan Ayurvedic College, Kalol


Diet, Shiri Dhany Millet, Gestational Diabete


Gestational diabetes is one of the most common health problem for pregnant woman. Gdm is defined as carbohydrate intolerance of variable degree with onset or first recognition during pregnancy.

In india prevalence rate of gdm is estimated to be 10 – 14.3% which is much higher than in the western countries. In 90%cases, gdm disappears after delivery, but 50% of these women may develop diabetes in 5-10 years.

In ayurveda description of diabetes comes under prameha. The ayurvedic management comprise certain modification in diet and lifestyle of pregnant women.

Diet management plays a significant role in regulating blood sugar level in gdm,  use of  some vegetables like karvellak , bimbik, patol, palak, methi, cereal:- yava, puran shshtika shali, kodrava, ragi, bajara, javar, syamka, fruits:- amla, jambu, kiwi, apple ,oranges. Spices:- turmeric, methi.

Especially shiri dhanya like kodo millet (kodrav) ragi (finger millet), bajara (pearl millet) Su 27 is a nutrient rich grain that can be a good addition to a pregnant woman’s diet. It is high in fiber ,low glycemic index helps to regulate blood suger level. With the help of ayurvedic millet diet plan the gdm and its complication can be prevented and managed.


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