• Dr. Priyanka Patel Assistant Professor, Shri O. H. Nazar Ayurved College, Surat


ADEs, Rasaushadh Vyapata, Vikarshanti


Rasadravyas are mostly known as minerals and metals which are uses for therapeutic purpose in Ayurveda. They have the following three characteristic attributes: instant effectiveness, requirement of very small doses and extensive therapeutic utility, irrespective of constitutional variation. They can be an elixir or produces an adverse events if not procured, produced and used as per the classical guidelines. Ancient Ayurvedic scholars were very much aware about it, keeping it in the mind they have described ‘Aushadha vyapata and Vikarshanti’ in their classics. Bruhad Rasarajasundara is one of the ideal book which has given therapeutic remedies to easily overcome such events. In this review article, an attempt was made to throw some light on those adverse drug events and management mentioned in Bruhad Rasarajasundara which are very important to know by every physician who uses the Rasadravyas in their practice.


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