• Mr. Salil Shringarpure Assistant Professor, New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University,Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Democracy cannot be successful without free press. Free press is very essential, as it is the voice of the people. But media shall not fall as a victim to some monetary or any other temptations, and shall keep on honestly serve the people. 

The Bengal Gazette was the first news paper which was started by James Augustus Hickley in year 1980 in India. Since then the media has been emerging in various forms. Media is playing a vital role in shaping human minds.

The media is considered as fourth pillar of democracy. It makes us aware of various activities from fields like politics, sports, economic social etc. It is also like a mirror which shows the bare truth and sometimes it may be harsh. However it plays a crucial role in shaping the public minds.

Media plays an important role in shaping the democracy. It is called as backbone of democracy. It empowers the citizens by information. Media arranges the debate so different views regarding same issue could be put forth.

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