• Dr. Madhumita Mandal Bera Assistant Professor in History, Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya, Chaitanyapur, Haldia,West Bengal, India


Tamralipta, Community, Urban, Municipality, Census, Population


East Midnapore or Purba Medinipur is one of the eighteen (18) administrative districts of West Bengal mostly associated with the ancient port city Tamralipta or Tamralipti. It is true to say that in pre-historic and historic period the sea-town Tamralipta was an important centre. It is probably the oldest Bengal town to which we find references in several sources i.e. both in archaeological as well as indigenous and foreign accounts. So many people came here for trading and educational purpose.

With the changes of long historical background the demography has also changed in Tamluk. The people in ancient period were come from multi-racial identity of pre-Aryan racial and religious beliefs. When the Aryan culture flourished the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion also began to flourish. With the coming of the Mughals the muslims came to settle here. Cristianity came with the British. So a multi dimentional race and culture emerged in Tamluk throughout the ages. Although diversity in race and culture are there but a kind of synthesis in culture has grown. The participation of the people of this region in freedom movement had proven this synthesis cultural belief. After all the growing population of today’s Tamluk needed much attention to have a look on the past. All these will be discussed in the main discussion.


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