• Nozirul Islam Research Scholar, Faculty of Humanities, P.G. Dept. of Philosophy, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar


Cleanliness, importance, spirituality, yoga, practice, religion, environment


The concept of cleanliness is very importance for modern human life. Cleanliness indicates the purity of the inner self as well as the external physical fitness of an individual. It also means the clean and tidiness of surrounding environment where the people live in. Literally, it manifests both the development of the individual and the ideal society. The ideal nationality can be conceived when the individuals are proper conscious about their sound mind, physical body and the cleanliness of surrounding environment.  

In this context, the Yoga philosophical thought and practices are might be most relevant. Because, the Yoga has tried to explore this concept of cleanliness with practice, so that an individual could be enabled to all round development of his life in the society such as – physical, mental, and spiritual development. The objective of the present study is to explore Yoga practice of cleanliness among the mass people in a comprehensive way. To analyze this concept of cleanliness critically with the other philosophical and the religious thoughts for the better understanding of the subject is another objective of this study.


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