• Ritu Rani Ph.D. Research Scholar, PG Dept. of English, Ranchi University, Ranchi


Myths, universality, retelling, literature


Literature has always shown profound interest and fascination for mythology. But the last two decades have witnessed a surge in writers going back to mythology and incorporating them in their works. Myths are an important link between the past and the present, forging a bridge between our ancestors and our modern selves. There has been a lot of discussion recently on the use or rather blend of mythology within various genres of literature, particularly fiction. Questions have been raised on the use of myths, their benefits and relevance of mythology in the current times. Myths are being continually adapted and re-adapted, because there is something about them that is culturally relevant and relatable to modern thought. Employment of myths, in the present literary scenario goes beyond merely using mythological motives for artistic purposes. Rather, it can provide a new and powerful means of expressing the oppression and alienation of humanity and the spiritual crisis of modern society.


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