• Sangale PP Department of Botany, Post Graduate Research Center Chandmal Tarachand Bora College, Shirur (Ghodnadi), Shirur, Dist. Pune
  • Devikar SD Department of Botany, Post Graduate Research Center Prof. R. M. College Akurdi, Pune
  • Naikawadi VB Department of Botany, Post Graduate Research Center Chandmal Tarachand Bora College, Shirur (Ghodnadi), Shirur, Dist. Pune
  • Ghawate AN Department of Botany, Post Graduate Research Center Prof. R. M. College Akurdi, Pune


Clonal propagation, axillary shoot, differentiation, eco-restoration immune-buster tonic herb, anti-inflammation


Sphaeranthus gomphrenoides (Gorakhmundi; Asteraceae) is a unique medicinal plant species, which found in fragile ecosystem near river side. It has unique importance in Indian cultural festivals as well in ethno-medicinal practices. In Ayurveda, whole plant has shown tremendous medicinal properties and used as immune-buster tonic, eyes diseases, urine disease, skin diseases, pulmonary diseases and inflammation diseases.  Oil extraction from the roots and inflorescence has been used in scrofula and generally useful as aphrodisiac by the local community. Application plant part paste is beneficial on arthritis and edema. As it is commonly used by the local people and it is found only in rainy season aside of riverine seasonal wet land area, so this species to be hampered. Under the in vitro condition, plant growth regulators with MS medium play an important for morphogenesis in various medicinal plant species. Moderate concentration of BAP with MS medium was on node explants showed better shoot regeneration percentage with healthy shoots formation.  Application of high concentration of BAP was enhanced percentage of callus induction and declines the shoot regeneration capacity of nodal explants. Second sub-cultured nodal callus showed small shoot buds on low concentration of BAP with MS + 35 % sucrose.  Compare with callus mediated shoots with direct shoots from node show higher percentage of healthy shoots formation. This report is on influence of BAP for mass multiplication of S. gomphrenoides. The developed protocol may be useful for improvement and eco-restoration of S. gomphrenoides in that particular niche for sustainable utilization.


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