• Manoranjana Nirmale Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji College, Omerga (M.S.) India


Gastrointestinal Helminth, Cestode, Stilesia yavalensis, Ovis bharal


Sheep and Goat are the main livestock in India and major sources of meat and milk for the farmers who rise them, infectious diseases that affects animal health and productivity. They also have a major impact on rates of mortality and morbidity. Stilesia a tapeworm parasites are the endoparasites in the intestine of the host, they live anaerobically, grow and reproduce in the intestine. The gravid proglottids are dispersed out of the host body during the process of defecation. These parasites affecting and infecting the health of host and lead to malnutrition and various dangerous diseases. Though non-pathogenic even in massive infection, it causes marked economic loss due to liver condemnation at abattoir due to aesthetic reasons. Stilesia a tapeworm parasite having sheep, goats, livestock and numerous wild ruminant as a host. The worm under discussion deals with description of species of genus Stilesia (Railliet, 1893) from  Ovis bharal as a type species. The present form agrees all the characters of the genus Stilesia.


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