• Supriya Chavan Student,Electrical Engineering,JSPM BSIOTR Institute Of Tech.& Research,Pune,India-412207
  • Mayuri Janrao Student,Electrical Engineering,JSPM BSIOTR Institute Of Tech.& Research,Pune,India-412207
  • Prof.Pooja Shinde Asst.Prof. Electrical Engineering, JSPM BSIOTR Institute Of Tech.& Research,Pune,India-412207


Concentrating photovoltaic (PV)system, Mirror reflection


The  objective of this paper is improving the solar energy by using mirror reflection concentrating on to the solar panel. The improvement of the output power using flat plane mirror reflector is even higher than that of sun tracking and secondly these reflectors are very cheap and are easily available in the market. The average power output during mid day as increased substantially using mirror reflectors, the solar panels equipped with such mirrors can also be utilized for loads/equipments requiring higher power inputs during that period of the day. And also side by side second application are water heater will be included. The high cost of PV modules makes the use of concentrator more desirable. Optical concentration offers other advantages including semiconductor solar cell increased efficiency. At present different types of PV concentrating solar energy system are developed. The price of the existing PV concentrating systems is high. To design the cost-effective concentrating PV systems it is necessary to realize the multi-parameter cost optimization of these systems. To concentrate solar energy we are using light reflection on to the solar cell by using mirrors. We are using PIC16F877A for measuring generated solar panel voltage and developed a graph in MATLAB software comparing to conventional concentrating system. And the output which obtained from mirror reflection system is more and reliable compare to conventional system.


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