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Event organization is a way of communicating, organizing events of businesses, social organizations, or a combination of both. Event organization is always clear and specific about date, time, location, guests... All seems to be agreed upon in the first press conference and event planning. Since there are a great number of events that only happen one night and one time, all must be unified in a chain and no stage is allowed to slow down, all are linked together like a successive chain. It is absolutely feasible to organize all kind of events, from a cultural or commercial one to a political meeting. A team of event organization can be employed to organize any business meeting.
In order to come up with an extensive advertising strategy, the role of graphic design is very important, both to attract the attention of the public and to affirm that the brand of the products available on the market is fully guaranteed in term of quality. Therefore, in general, the elements and products of graphics are the bridge to meet the needs of customers, convey information from the programs, events and manufacturers to the customers.


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