• S. Zindhu Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Periyar University, St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science for Women, HOSUR – 635 126


Fuzzy Logic, Load Balancing, SLB, DLB, FLC, MATLAB


Load Balancing means to distribute the load among the processors to improve the performance of a parallel and distributed system. This project presents a new fuzzy algorithm for dynamic load balancing in distributed system. This project presents a new fuzzy algorithm for dynamic load balancing in distributed environment. This approach characterizes the uncertainty in a distributed system by using the fuzzy set theory, fuzzy control methods and presents a fuzzy based distributed load balancing algorithm that explicitly reflects the effect of uncertainty in the decision making process. The notion of the linguistic variables is used to model the sender and receiver node. We have taken the two input variables, load and number of heavy load nodes. And one output variable status of load balance node. On the basis of
decision rules we have concluded the status of load balance node. My work is to do propose an improved algorithm for dynamic load balancing in the distributed environment using fuzzy logic concept. The decision rules have implemented on the MATLAB. Then the system model is created on network simulation software. Simulation results show the response time.


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