• Dr. Ifsha Khurshid Assistant Professor, University Department of Economics, Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh


Corporate Social responsibility, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Global warming


Corporate Social Responsibility is gaining wide importance gradually as the economy has become globalised. With expansion of business opportunities and apparent changes in climate and incidences of global warming the CSR should be considered very important in shouldering the responsibility to neutralise the impact of climate change and work for sustainable development. Corporate Social Responsibility has to play a dominant role in the economic system of the country by reinvesting the profits which a corporate creates so that it can impact the society positively and inject the forces to obtain sustainable development. The activities that come under CSR should respectfully be targeted towards the sustainable development and should concentrate on the ways that effects the population and environment productively and positively. The human race has obtained economic development via destruction of environment. We are the species that’s paying for our own destruction. Global warming, diminishing and depleting resources, the extinction of various animals and plants species, global population increase, frequent migration, floods etc. are some of the challenges that we are witnessing globally which should be addressed immediately, but along with it the availability of food , education and health for all should also be ensured. Therefore a plan of economic and technical progress along with environmental preservation is the need of time. Keeping in mind these challenges the developmental plan should be more sustainable and it requires association and involvement of each and every individual and specially companies as they should come up with a plan which involves not only economic progress but may also include social justice and environmental well being through CSR.


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