Tran Thi Thy Tra


The first decades of the twentieth century marked a significant change in Vietnamese social life, when the French colonists set foot in Vietnam, at the same time a new culture began to appear in parallel with the native culture. Phong Hoa aimed to be the first satirical culture and art weekly newspaper of Vietnam which had many humorous, caricatures, and sometimes silly illustrations, but full of implication following every event that happens in society. That was the unique feature that no newspaper in this period has had, starting the democratic spirit of opening and equality in the ideology, literature and press of the Vietnam Literary Revolution in the decades of early 20th century, which we can see still influences today. Phong Hoa had the participation of painters Nguyen Gia Tri, To Ngoc Van, Nguyen Cat Tuong (Lemur), Le Minh Duc, Tran Binh Loc ... who were excellent painters trained from Indochina Fine Arts School. The content of this study refered to the graphic aspect in Phong Hoa, a premise for a style that could be named decades later - press graphic design. This was the art of using the language of illustrations, colors, words and other graphic elements to perform the function of visual communication. The research also assessed the aspects of art mode and language as issues of technology, aesthetic conception, visual style, motifs, colors... Focusing on analyzing properties and impacts of visual arts when applying to newspaper illustrations, and recognizing the important role of journalistic illustrator in the early twentieth century in general and Phong Hoa illustrator in particular.


illustration, newspaper graphics, Phong Hoa newspaper

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