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This study is signifying to find out approaches and attitude concerning the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) among trainee teachers. To conduct the study 180 trainee teachers randomly selected pursuing B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Aligarh district in the northeastern region of India participated in this study. The study being proceeded through survey design.  TET scale was used to collect data from trainee-teachers. To analyse the data, statistical tools as mean, standard deviation correlation and t-test is used. It exhibited through the result of the study the trainee teachers reside in urban areas are more aware about TET than the rural resident subject. Further, the science stream background trainee teachers had more awareness about TET and on the basis of gender and area of living have significant effect on approaches of teacher eligibility test.  So it is recommended that the essential resources and amenities should be provided to the trainee-teachers in the period of their training to get knowledge and awareness about Teacher Eligibility Test.


Teacher eligibility test, Approaches, Attitude, Trainee teachers

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