• Dr. Meghabahen Nareshbhai Nayak Assistant Professor, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Law College, Ahmedabad


COVID-19, Legal, Pandemic, Digitization


Covid-19 has a profound effect on every industry in India, including the legal sector. Unexpected catastrophes have wreaked havoc on the legal business. The Covid-19 epidemic disrupted legal practise. The Covid-19 epidemic struck at a time when India was already focusing on the digitalization of the judiciary and court administration system, as well as the establishment of e-courts or virtual courts for different purposes. However, because to the abrupt and unexpected breakout of covid-19, the legal sector underwent a rapid shift. India's legal profession is increasingly utilising cutting-edge technology at every level of the litigation process. As part of the safety measures, the government of India imposed a nationwide lockdown and restricted people's movement between locations; thus, physical appearance of lawyers in courts was discouraged. As a result, the Indian legal industry adopted new ways of working with new technologies, including the establishment of e-courts. The purpose of this paper is to examine and broadly cover the situation in India as a result of the pandemic, including how covid-19 impacted the Indian legal system, including advocates, law firms, judges, and aggrieved parties seeking legal aid, and then to examine how the court administrative system responded to this situation as a result of the uncontrollable outbreak of the corona virus pandemic. It will identify some gaps in the current legal framework. It will next explore how the covid-19 problems have had a significant influence on the legal system in the United States of America and what issues the legal industry has encountered.


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