• Mo Zhou Yulin Industrialization and Informatization Committee, Yulin, Guangxi, 537000.
  • Xiaoshu Zhu School of Computer Science and Engineering, Guangxi Universities KeyLab of Complex System Optimization and Big Data Processing, Yulin Normal University,Yulin537000,China.


Urban stormwater management, waterlogging controlling, Internet of Things, water demand forecasting


Every year, there are a lots of cities that have water flooded or waterlogging problem in China. At the same time, the world is facing a challenge of water shortage. Therefore, a study of stormwater management system aimed at effective and scientific usage of stormwater resources will process progress of urban stormwater management greatly, also is of great significance to the cities' development. This paper focused on analyzing the present situation of urban stormwater management and waterlogging prevention among domestic and foreign cities, introduced the technology of Internet of Things for the design of urban stormwater and waterlogging control system. Integrated the urban water demand forecasting model in the field of application, used Artificial Neural Network Model of Error Back Propagation
Algorithm to establish a prediction model in order to help the administrator make better decisions while running the stormwater management system. Through the simulative trainings and experiments, the experimental results indicate that the numerical error of predicted value shows a downward trend, and it gradually tends to its
true value.


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