Lata Virendrabhai Upadhyay


On a daily basis, we refer to the present era as the 'modern age', which can be named as the era of big data in the field of information technology field. In today's world, our daily life is moving fast and never thirsting. The fields of science, science, engineering and technology produce data at a fatal rate, leading to data from Exhibit (s) every day. Big data helps us explore and rediscover many areas where education, health and law are not limited. The main purpose of this paper is to provide in-depth analysis of healthcare in the field of healthcare using big data and analytics. The main purpose is to emphasize the use of big data that helps look back in history, but this is the time to focus on analytics to improve medicine and services. Although many big data implementations are intended for home development, this proposed implementation is intended to propose a wider range using Hadoop, which is intended only as the tip of the iceberg. The focus of this paper is not just limited to the correction and analysis of data; It also focuses on strengths and drawbacks compared to traditional techniques available


Big data, Healthcare, Information Technology

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