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India is a diverse nation with distinctiveness and is a developing nation in the areas of science and technology, IT, Commerce, Aviation, etc but still the tribal children who are addressed the gifted; throughout the nation face the age-old challenges in learning English. Ample factors stand as a reason for this awful and appalling situation where the tribal population is profusion to India but unfortunately they are still deprived of proper education and are underprivileged. There are numerous talented graduates from tribal areas but owing to a lack of communication skills their traits are suppressed. The major reason for this is a lack of motivation. The graduates from these areas face many difficulties and predicaments in comprehending the language since their schooling and foundation was fully influenced by their mother tongue. Students who are good at core subjects are not able to communicate and miss good opportunities in cities. Currently, besides their knowledge in the core subjects, communication skills are a must to let the world witness their traits and give a chance for them to testify. The reasons for lack of communication skills among the students, lack of interest and motivation among the teachers in tribal areas are discussed and suggested some solutions to this problem.

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