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ROM, static, PNF



  • To study and compare the effectiveness of Static and PNF stretching on the Hamstring Tightness


A total number of 30 subjects with hamstring tightness were selected by purposive sampling method, after considering the inclusion and exclusion criteria and are  randomly  allocated into two groups with age group between  25-35 years. Range of Motion (ROM) of  hip joint flexon was taken as parameters. Pre-test data was collected for Group A and Group B were  computed .Group A subject were treated with Static stretching exercise for period of 30 days and Group B subject were treated with Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching exercise for period of 30 days. At the end of 30 days post test ROM of hip flexion  was recorded and analyzed.


In the analysis and interpretation of range of motion of hip joint flexon for the effects of static and PNF stretching, the paired calculated T-value of Group B is much more greater then Group A at various level, which shows that there was statistically significant difference between pre versus post result of the two groups. The mean difference of Group B is in ROM is 30.9 and 4.7 respectively which in comparison to other group is much greater, hence showed that there was significant improvement in Hamstring Tightness in response to PNF stretching


The study shows that PNF stretching is much more effective than Static stretching in case of Hamstring tightness.


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