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Spirometer, VC, FVC, aging



1)To find the changes in  VC and FVC with aging in normal male according to their age.

2) To establish the relationship between VC and FVC.


METHOD:- A total of 150  healthy male individuals in the age group of 10 to 59 years were investigated on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria. They were divided into five group, Group A   Group B, Group C ,Group D, and Group E.  VC and FVC test readings were taken with the help of spirometer.

 RESULT:- It is concluded from  the spirometric reading that remarkable significant changes take place with aging specially after 40 years.

 CONCLUSION:- There was a linear increase in VC and FVC  with increasing age and was found that the younger age group, specially 20-29 years had better  VC and FVC reading rather than the older age group.


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