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Human situation is a constant one. New conditions and problems are constantly setting the individual right from his infancy to his deathbed, and he is invariably engaged in trying to find a satisfactory and pleasurable solution to them by employing his intelligence and other gifts of the mind and body. In other words, life is the name of unceasing process, the process of adjustment.

“Adjustment is the process by which a living organism maintains a balance between its needs and the circumstances that influence the satisfaction of these needs” accordingly, the process of adjustment has two primary or main elements: one, the needs of the living organism; and two the conditions of circumstances influencing these needs. These needs can be biogenic, Originating in the society, personal or community, or arising from any other conceivable source. On the other hand, circumstances influencing these needs also can be either inside individual or outside him. Factors within the individuals that influence these needs are his physical and mental states, capacity, attitudes interests, etc.

Three Elements in Adjustment

An analysis of the process of adjustment of the processes of adjustment will reveal the presence of three main elements:

- Motive: The very process of adjustment in the living being is set in motion by the presence within him of some motive or need or requirement.

- Thwarting Condition:  When the environment does not present any features that tend to become obstacles in the fulfillment of these needs, then the adjustment in natural, facile and effortless, and does not problem in result. However, if circumstances create obstacle in the path of such fulfillment, then the process of adjustment progresses further.

Varied Responses:  Once the fulfillment of a need has obstructed, individual indulges in various actions, which are a reaction to the obstacle. Such a reaction can be normal just as much as it can be abnormal.

Solution:   Because of these reactions and responses, the individual achieves a degree of adjustment with the circumstances. The problem of adjustment in there by solved.

- Motive and adjustment:  Generally speaking, the process of adjustment can be set in motion by any motive.  For example, our physical needs are constantly being manifesting in the form of adjective behavior patterns. However, from our point of view, these needs do not have much importance, for life, itself ceases in the organism, thus obviating all further adjustment activity.

Need of study: - present time all people are salves of their problem in presently situations and his determinative life goals. Present time all people have set their life goals to earn a lot of money. In Past time all human being decided his life goal “mocha”. The persons do efforts to gain a lot of money in any situation or from any work .All situation have balanced human behaviors; this work’s main factor is adjustment level. Based on previous research finding conclusion the well adjustable persons have conducted their work very smoothly, and all decisions taken were correct.  From This concepts question arises. What does high adjustment level students achieved on high academic achievement?   Adjustment works normally in every circumstance of human life. Similarly, adjustments on learning achievement would work normally, considering how logical this fact is this study has done.

Statement of the problem: - “A comparative study of academic achievement of high and low adjustment level students”


Academic achievement; means the students have successfully completed his course, and acquire grade or percentage.

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