• Dr. Jahir Alam Asleha Girl’s College, Department of Bengali, Under The University of Burdwan


Literature is a reflection of society and life. In society, in the state, in literature, in creation and in thought, in our thoughts there is often something that passes the writer's writing from special to gravitational. Women representing one of the most beautiful natures in the world’s countless creations., The less the word woman gets, the more the scope of the subject. Women's needs are important in different areas of society. From the beginning of creation, men have become half of women. But why are women still deprived?

In our society, whenever a man talks about the opportunities, fair rights or security of women, I see that in a moment, the society confers the title of feminist on him. Some people also say that why should women agitate for equal rights? They are getting priority in different cases. Let's see how women are in our society today: a review of the role of this society and literature in terms of their position, demands, equality, fairness, etc., needs to be reviewed today.


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