• Anarase P. S. Dept. of Botany, Gandhi College, Kada Dist Beed


Present study was aimed  to determine the  fungi on germination of seed of Brinjal and their bio control  by using Antagonistic activity of Trichoderma species . The efficiency of Bio-control means in controlling seed borne fungal diseases by using one  Trichoderma  species. Three different hybrid varities of Brinjal and one wild varities of Brinjal  sown in pot expt. In Botany Garden . The seed were purchased in various company i.e Ankur, Panchganga, Arnav and  Wild  variety.  The seed Germination in  Ankur  is 70% Panchganga  80% germination and  Arnav 90% germination were seen as compare to wild variety .


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