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Coronavirus is attracting the attention of healthcare professionals and scientists searching for its treatment and vaccine. The study of antibodies is crucial in the development of medicine and the immunization of coronavirus. Antibodies are molecules that are produced by the body or immune system to fight infection. The purpose of this research paper was to determine antibody loss and Covid-19 reinfection.

Antibodies are crucial even if they are produced in small quantities because they can still neutralize the virus. Various researchers show that patients are losing their IgG antibodies. Studies found that about 10% of almost 1,500 patients recovered from Covid-19 produced antibodies out of which 74 lost their antibodies two to three months after recovery.

Studies have revealed that the antibodies level is high during the first three weeks of infection and then declines. Patients with severe illness have more antibody levels than those with mild or asymptomatic patients. It is possible for patients who have recovered from Covid-19 to get infected again; however, researchers should conduct more studies to prove this argument.

The methodology used in this study was the literature search. The researcher obtained data from various literature work and data obtained analyzed qualitatively by identifying and deriving meaning from the literature work. The findings suggest that patients who have recovered from coronavirus are losing their antibodies. The study also found that Covid-19 recovered patients can be affected again, but more research is needed.

The discussion section of the paper discussed the findings by relating them with what other researchers have found. One limitation of the study was the few scientific journals and peer-reviewed articles to support the conclusions. The future scope is the need for further research.


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