Adesh Umbarkar, Rajrajeshwar Kshatriya, Danish Mirza, Savita Hande, Prof. T. R. Bhanegaonkar


A hybrid of a quad-copter and an all-terrain tank has been called ‘Unmanned  Aerial  and Ground Vehicle’ or UAGV. Their use has increased drastically because they are multifunctional and reliable. It's capable of driving across rough terrain, armed with 4 propellers that allow it to take off once the obstacle becomes too big to drive over. The project would have an impact on carrying out future rescue missions and would provide visual and audio aid to the people in distress. This paper tries to give cost effective measures to improve upon some features  of ‘drones’ used in the military, construction sitemonitoring.


Tank Quad copter, surveillance, UAGV

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