• Robert E. Waller Columbus State University
  • Pamela A. Lemoine Troy University
  • Michael D. Richardson Global Tertiary Institute, 131 Double Tree Lane, Livingston, TN 38570


quality assurance, technology, global higher education, online learning


Quality assurance in global higher education is a top policy consideration for many nations. Since the 1980s, global universities, in response to government and societal pressure, have become more business-like and enterprising to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the so-called global knowledge economy. This corporatization of higher education is tied to increasing enrollments and intensification of educational quality assurance of online learning. But the pandemic brough rapid and substantial change to the use of online learning because it was the only service available to continue education. What now, has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the relationships between online learning and quality assurance?


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