• Dhole Shwetali Student, Information Technology, Avcoe, Sangamner, India - 422605.
  • Keken Priti Student, Information Technology, Avcoe, Sangamner, India - 422605.
  • Pawbake Shivani Student, Information Technology, Avcoe, Sangamner, India - 422605.
  • Rahane Sharayu Student, Information Technology, Avcoe, Sangamner, India - 422605.


Internet of things, Air Pollution, Cloud, Atmosphere Automation, Pollution, Arduino, Sensors


This project is to development the centralized cloud-based system using sensors that monitor and analyse air pollution. The collected data by sensor node stored on cloud server that can be accessed through web browser from anywhere using website.

Due to real-time monitoring of environment, quick action can be taken for the presence of pollutant in environment. This project aim is to track of air quality of surrounding and keep the data updated over internet. Readings are taken in real time and through out day.

We developed graphs that easily analysis percentage of pollutant in particular area. The LCD display continuously shows the real time values of gas sensor.


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