Mr. Dhirendrasinh Pravinsinh Rana, Dr. Anilkumar Varsat


The paper explores the possibilities of innovations in the upper primary English language classrooms in India and Gujarat. After the ICT revolution in the first decade of the 21st century, ELT in India also went through a radical change and use of ICT and multi-media have entered now in almost all the Indian classrooms at all levels. The technology has enabled the teacher of English for innovations and more interesting language inputs but the gap between the available ICT tools and the expertise to use them effectively is also very vast and can also be observed in the schools of India.  The paper, therefore, is a serious effort to bridge this gap by preparing a task based program using animation movies in English based on Indian stories, Indian myths and Indian culture. On one hand the Indianness of the animation videos will select to makes it interesting while on the other hand animation movies in English provide a rich exposure to the English language learners. This paper give theoretical background related to use of Animation films in language classroom.


ELT, ESL, Animation films, ICT

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